5 signs of a Toxic Workplace

5 signs of a Toxic Workplace and how to deal with it?

You dread going to work and certain things have been making you feel miserable for a while.

Then you are probably working in a TOXIC WORKPLACE.

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it is to take a step back and discover what truly makes us happy at work and in life in general.

A toxic work environment that will only hold back your career and penalize you.

I’ll be exposing five signs of a toxic workplace and three main tips on how to deal with it.


Every toxic workplace starts with toxic leadership.

This means bad or narcissistic toxic bosses are those who create and install the toxic culture.

Many times employees do not realize that their boss is bullying them

Instead, they believe that they have a tough boss or a manager that simply pushes employees to get results.

Typically toxic bosses are a tremendous pressure at work. They love to control and they feed off your emotional reaction.

A bully boss usually questions your worth by belittling your opinions and your ideas

This may take place in private or even in front of others.

They blame you for problems at work while claiming to be responsible for all the good outcomes.

They question your commitment unless you work long hours and sacrifice your personal time.

They play favorites and manipulate the team against each other.


Employees fear speaking up because the management is genuinely hostile to a different opinion.

It’s not safe to speak up since the reaction might be completely unpredictable.

There is a general rule for keeping it quiet and serious.

Positive or negative feedback is usually held back

Achievements are not celebrated, making any noise or laughing out loud is considered a crime and even something to be ashamed of.

No team-building activities are being promoted because the management is always against it.

Everybody is afraid of getting in trouble for breaking the rules and so they keep their heads low and try not to step out of line.

Employees simply know that speaking up is bad and such environments are perfect for toxic behaviors to strive.


Some work-related hearsay can be considered normal, even though it doesn’t have any benefits.

But constant gossip and rumors about your colleagues’ personal lives

The judgmental type of gossip makes it clear that your workplace is indeed toxic.

If you feel that your average day at work is like a reality TV show with a lot of constant drama going on.

If people don’t openly say things but

prefer whispering behind each other’s back.

All of that is a huge red flag and you might have contributed to gossip yourself.

Since you consider it a way of getting integrated with the team, otherwise you feel left out.

But stop right there. People who constantly create and spread gossip about others will eventually do that to you as well at a certain point.

So don’t contribute to such a poison circulating.


Thus, the company culture goes too far to position the workplace as a replacement for

family and friends

You feel that everyone is encouraged to Center their lives around the job

The work is everything.

There is hardly any time for leisure, family, or friends.

It’s like you’ve joined a cult without even knowing it.

anyone with different ideas is immediately excluded.

The leaders of the creeks are usually considered an example to follow.

And instead of transmitting actual corporate values, these leaders are usually the ones who spread the rumors and the gossip the most.

Behaving like corporate teenagers.

Whenever a new person joins the company, they go out of their way to make their early days anything but easy.

Treating the newly joined members as if they were a threat.

✨Sign No 5

Your work-life balance is not working.

You notice you are not being yourself anymore.

All the external output you get signals that you are not fitting in.

You are not good enough.

If you start questioning your own worth, this is definitely a toxic workplace.

Being surrounded by toxicity for at least eight hours a day causes extremely high levels of stress, resulting in sickness, mental health issues, and a lack of self-esteem.


These are three tips on dealing with a toxic work environment.

Of course, many people are not in a position to quit without having another job lined up.

That’s why no advice is going to be enough

No amount of talent is going to make things comfortable.

But if you just have to stick around in the company for a certain amount of time, try to do the following to survive.


Focus on what you can control and keep in mind that this is not permanent.

Remember, you have no control over what others say or do.

But you do have control over your own response.

Keep your thoughts free of anger.

Focus on your job.

Focus on the tasks you need to perform.

It’s all a direct control over your own performance.

The more emotional power you give to your toxic boss, the more your boss will focus on you as a target.


Change your mindset.

Find people who feel the same way you do and maintain a positive mindset.

Try to completely ignore the negative.

✨Number 3

Be kind to yourself.

Remember, no one has to be perfect to deserve basic human kindness and decency.

Toxic work environments make you feel like it’s your own fault.

It’s easy to think that if you work faster, more efficient, more brilliant, and tougher you wouldn’t have had these problems.

But this is completely wrong.

How would you respond to someone that you really care about being mistreated at work?

So try showing the same level of kindness to yourself.

Workplace culture dictates how employees behave, make decisions and interact with each other in the office.

In a positive company, an empowering culture leads to happy, engaged team members and incredible productivity levels

Toxic culture leads to completely the opposite

Thank you for staying with me till the end.

If you have anything to add please let everyone know about it in the comments.

If you like this type of content I’ll try to share more info like this.

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