Welcome to my podcast. I am Damanjit Singh, a self-learner Digital Marketer, Content Creator, and Trainer. In this podcast, I’m going to share with you all about Business, Career, and Digital marketing. You will find some great discussions with people like you and me trying to make a successful career in digital marketing.

When I was starting I didn’t have a mentor. At that time finding valuable content online to learn something was also very hard. After practically implementing dozens of skills practically. Watching over 2000+ hours of content on YouTube. I learned these lessons and now it’s yours.

Whatever you want to pursue professionally first try to do it practically. It will help a lot to find your passion that you can convert into profession

In this podcast, I want you to know the reason that is resisting you to achieve your goals. If you succeed in achieving this change and apply it in your life I can guarantee you that it can increase your income a minimum of 3 times. I have applied it by myself and also told to my students many times. Those who have actually applied it got amazing results.

After trying and getting a positive response from everyone I am posting this podcast. So I am serious about it. Listen to know more.