Simple, Straight forward and Practical Syllabus

Digital marketing Course Syllabus

There will be live classes 5 to 6 days a week for 1 to 2 hours.

The course will follow a practical approach so it requires 3 hours a day time to implement everything practically.

First of all, we will learn Website Designing and Development

Then we will do SEO on the same Websites with Content Writing

We will design landing pages  on the same website to run ads in future

After that, We will learn “How to design Awesome creatives for social media and advertisements” in Graphic Designing Class

We will learn

  1. Social Media Management for managing social media efficiently
  2. Posting the graphics we created
  3. Strategies to get the maximum reach organically through #tags
  4. Automate your Social Media
  5. Many more..

After doing all of the above things Now we are ready to learn the secrets behind a Successful Facebook and Instagram ad

  1. To generate leads
  2. Sell Products
  3. Retarget Audience
  4. Selling Services
  5. Many more..

Now it’s time to learn World’s No.1 Online Advertisement Platform from which you can also run Ads on Google and YouTube itself.

Google Ads/Google Adword Which are the world’s top two most visited sites.

  1. You can generate leads
  2. Sell products
  3. Retarget people who visited your site before.
  4. many more..

Some of you might have an interest in Videos and YouTube like me. So we will learn Video Editing and upload videos on YouTube and also learn YouTube SEO to get views on YouTube videos both organically and inorganically. It’s my Favourite subject so I have some special surprises for you 😉

At this point, we have created content and also gathered some audience on our website, Social media sites, and YouTube.

So now we will learn how to earn money through this.

We will clearly focus on how people generate a lot of income through these platforms and you can replicate those strategies. We will learn

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Content Monetization
  3. Funnel Strategies
  4. many more..

Extra Stuff that you will need in future after this Programs

How to design a Marketing Strategies

How to design a Marketing Strategies

Online Business Management, hiring, and Freelancing

40+ digital marketing tools that I personally use to manage everything

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