why you don't have a job

Why you don’t have a job? Top failure in your job selection in 2020

You want a job because you need it or you can’t just sit at your home and do nothing. You probably Graduated to a school or college with a degree, certification, and skill. Now you are looking forward to shaping your career but you can’t until you get a job. There can be plenty of reasons why you don’t have a job. In the end, I will tell you about the most common and untold reason that you did not hear from anyone.

This question lies in various scenarios.

1. Your resume sucks

First, let’s assume you are a person who graduated from a college/school and now you need a job and you are trying hard but still don’t get any job. The following can be the reasons.

Your resume is the first thing from you to be examined by your employer. This is your first impression. Resume plays a very important role in your job selection.

Still, it is one of the most ignored in job submissions. Let’s see how. Take a look at the Resume below:


This is how the 80% of resume looks like. This resume pattern is being copied over years. How is it possible that almost everyone has same hobbies as listening music, dancing, reading books.

The career objective section has the same story. According to the resume everyone has the same career objective and it really funny. Due to this copy paste thing interviewers don’t take much interest in resume. It is used for reading names the most.

If you are willing to invest some time to make a better resume then it can increase your chances by 60 % of selection in a job.

2. Lack of skills and experience


There is a very big misconception that a degree leads to a job. It’s wrong your experience and skills lead to a job you want. Let’s try to understand from the employer’s point of view. Why he needs you as an employee? so that you can do the work he wants you to do.

For example, I need a video editor who can edit my YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter which degree you did or from which college you graduated from.

As long as you are able to do the work you are more than qualified for this job. Hence your certification and degree are just a single piece of paper, which can not decide your future.

Suppose you have a wedding photographs company and you need someone who can click photos. Which person you will choose. An MBA graduate or a 1 year experienced salesperson.

The answer is anyone who can do the job but no one need a degree to be a photographer. Right? Learn a skill and sharp it with experience. After that, no one can refuse you to have in their company. You can acquire skills by learning it from YouTube and Skillshare.

3. You are not even trying and procrastinating


This is the most annoying reason I ever found in people around me and please also comment down below if you observe it. Almost every person I know in my relations told me there are no jobs.

Unemployment is a real problem but it is not as big as it sounds. The real problem is with the person who doesn’t try to find any job. There are plenty of jobs out there but many of you rely on and wait to get a job from your connections. People don’t even go and give interviews for a job and this is the main problem I face.

If you apply and give interviews in 5 companies only. You will definitely get a job easily. I am talking about jobs that do not require any special skills. At least it is better than doing nothing.

I know many people who ask for a job from me and I can give them if they have some skills which I need. But the majority of them do not have skills nor experience.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do any job. You can start your career by joining a low profile job. It is again a problem because no one wants to do a low profile job in the first place. For example, no one wants to be a delivery man or salesperson.

Their hopes and salary expectations are very high regardless they don’t deserve it. Especially those who possess a degree. Personally I don’t like this attitude.

here are some possible solutions

Do a job with no or less salary until you learn a skill and gain some experience. After that you will no longer face the problem of unemployment.

If you don’t know in what field you want to work in. Try different and lo profile jobs to explore.

My suggestion will be to work in a BPO company in beginning.

All the best for your career and I hope it helps.

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