Damanjit Singh

I’m just a self-taught digital marketer who never really bought into the whole college degree thing โ€“ dropped out in the first year, you know? ๐Ÿ“š But, hey, I’m all about putting in the hustle and enjoying my own company. I’m not one to shy away from anything fun, creative, or packed with learning opportunities. The best thing about me? I can’t get enough of learning new stuff. ๐Ÿค“ Now, here’s the kicker โ€“ I tend to get so engrossed in my work that I forget to take care of myself, which is obviously not the smartest move.”


1.5 Years of experience as a


After gaining some experience as a trainer I felt the urge to venture into freelancing again. This time, with a more refined approach. I also dabbled in setting up a store.

Unfortunately it didn't pan out as expected. Despite facing challenges, for a period of three months I managed to secure a few clients. However the income generated from those clients fell short of my expectations.

Consequently I made the decision to exclusively work with clients who possessed both a budget and a strong determination to expand their businesses. Although my client base significantly reduced as a result of this choice my income tripled in comparison.

2 Years of experience

Digital Marketing Trainer | Dforce Digital Academy

My job title might not say it all, but behind the scenes, I was the jack-of-all-trades responsible for everything from managing their website, running their social media, creating eye-catching graphics, and even diving into video editing.

On top of all that, I conducted demo classes and distributed pamphlets โ€“ you name it, I did it!

You see, I was part of this exciting startup adventure, and I poured my heart and soul into making it the top-ranking Digital Marketing Institute in Punjab.

1.9 Years of experience

Support Executive | Kochar Infotech + Octopus Tech

No shame in saying that I pretty much learned how to talk to people from my BPO days. I still tell folks that starting out in a BPO gig is a smart move.

The skills and life lessons you pick up there, they stick with you for the long haul.

2 Years of experience in

Odd jobs because I was not 18

I finished high school in 2015, but because of money issues, I couldn't go to college, and because I was young, I couldn't work in a fancy office or call center.

So, I did whatever work I could find - from cleaning streets and stores to selling insurance and fixing gas cylinders for people. I worked in factories and even helped out in hospitals. I did it all.

These jobs might not look impressive on my resume, but they taught me valuable lessons that I might not have learned in a corporate job I eventually got into."


I am College Dropout

Global Institutes of Engineering & Technology

After working 2 years in odd jobs I finally collected some money to get into this college and in 6 months I got to know what a big scam a college is no room and time for creativity and extracurricular activities, No updated coding curriculum.

This was the reason I got into college. So I decided to skip classes for the next 6 months to use their computer, Internet, and library to get all the info I needed to succeed in life.

In 6 months I might have not passed in scores but surely scored big in terms of skills. I have no regret but I might go to a better college later in some other country to get the experience I missed out.

14 Months

Master Diploma in IT

FUN FACT: I actually joined here as a teacher later because in 1 and a half month there was nothing new they could teach me.

So to pass my time actually started teaching other kids there.



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