Client Work

Faster Website Loads under 2 seconds | Website Designing / Copywriting / SEO / Copywriting

I designed TruckOutsource’s website not just for beauty, but for results. It loads under 2 seconds, engages visitors, and drives conversions. Their revenue nearly tripled since launch, proving the power of effective web design. 

Objective of the project:

As a freelancer collaborating with TruckOutsource, my primary objective was to create a website that streamlined their business operations and optimized their online presence. I aimed to deliver a user-friendly platform that clearly communicated their mission, showcased their services, and attracted new clients, all while reflecting their commitment to efficiency and performance.

Building time:

Working closely with the TruckOutsource team, I developed and launched their website within [insert timeframe]. This involved understanding their brand identity, target audience, and specific functionality needs, then translating them into a website that exceeded their expectations.

Pricing for similar projects:

Website development for businesses like TruckOutsource with specific functionalities and performance considerations can range from 35k INR. My fees depend on the project’s complexity, customization, and ongoing maintenance needs.

Tools used:

I utilized a combination of tools like [list key tools, e.g., WordPress, website design software, SEO optimization tools]. I focused on building a site that was lightweight, responsive, and optimized for conversion, resulting in the exceptional loading speed and lead generation performance.

Independent or organizational work:

This project was a freelancer collaboration with the TruckOutsource team. I worked closely with their marketing and content specialists to ensure a seamless online experience that aligns with their overall business goals.

  • (Highlight) Since launch, the website has not only boosted their brand awareness and user engagement but also delivered tangible results. TruckOutsource’s website now loads under 2 seconds, and their revenue has nearly tripled! This success story demonstrates the power of strategic web design and optimization in driving real business growth.

16 Feb 2023